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Let the Adventure Begin

"An unbelievable experience!"

Iceberg, whale, cod fishing and seabird tours.
Bonavista, Newfoundland.


 Cod Fishing

Join us for a two hour fishing tour. Cap'n Jason and Lori will take you out to some of their favourite spots where you can lower a line and catch your own cod fish.

Back on shore, we'll show you how to clean it.


Prepare to be 

Icebergs take a long time to get here, but you won't have to wait long to see them. Newfoundland sees as many as 500 icebergs per year. Get a first-hand glimpse of these majestic structures with our daily boat tour.

Duration 2 hours

Far, far away

We come from away

Making their way from the warm waters of the Dominican Republic, humpback whales travel nearly 4,000 kilometers every year and arrive on our shores to feed and play until September. They are very gentle mammals and really like to show off for you.


We are waiting for you.

How to Find Us

Meet at the dock on Station Road 20 minutes prior to departure. 
On street parking available.


Looking for a place to stay?

In the spirit of adventure, we have the perfectly quiet, off-the-grid place for you.

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